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Transparency Reporting

Information is reported in compliance with the State School Aid Act, MCL 388.1618, and is presented in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Michigan Department of Education. Complete financial reports are also posted on our website

MI School Data

MI School Data

MI School Data is the State of Michigan's official source for pre-K, K-12, postsecondary and workforce data to help residents, educators and policymakers make informed decisions to improve student success.

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Transparency Reporting
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Clintondale Promise

Our Values

Chart a lifetime of intellectual curiosity and forge lifelong relationships as part of our small community at Clintondale Community Schools!


We set higher standards for students, measuring their learning goals, and then providing incentives in the form of rewarding achievement in an effort to ensure all students are getting a good education and tax dollars aren’t wasted.


Each grade level has specific standards that educators must teach. Achievement is assessed through frequent progress and comprehension checks and examinations, however, there is no consensus on how it is best evaluated.


The plan is to provide personalized resources needed for all students to reach common goals. The goals and expectations are the same for all, but the supports needed to achieve those goals depends on the students’ individual needs.


Hard Work

At Clintondale Schools, students are trying their best, giving 100% effort in every grade, on every day, in every class, and utilizing all their resources in order to achieve the goals established by the district's exceptional teachers and staff.


Clintondale Schools encompasses the administrators, teachers, and staff; the students who attend our schools and their parents and families; and local residents and organizations that have a stake in our district's success.

College Acceptances

Our High-Achieving Graduates

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District News

Technology techs move boxes of smart boards from a truck into the high school building.

Clintondale Schools is seeking to hire a Director of Technology who will be responsible for leading the district in translating both popular and emerging technologies into practical, usable teaching applications in order to provide quality learning, technologically advanced, and intuitively designed classrooms.

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Our Amazing Schools

Dragon Pride

Why Clintondale

hear from our experts

School psychiatrist Shawntina Stott works at her desk in the high school.

“Clintondale is a small thriving school district with a family-like culture and that is what helps us build relationships with students and families. Students get more attention and tailored support to address their needs and learning objectives. Being a school psychologist in CCS has been rewarding as I see students grow throughout their entire educational tenure.”

Shawntina Stott-Scott, Psychologist at Clintondale High School and Middle School

Jennifer Pary helps out with lunch service at the Clintondale Continuing Education Center.

“Some of my proudest accomplishments have been being able to encourage and push students to graduate and then watch them proudly walk across the stage and thank me. Everyone in our district has the drive to help your child succeed."

Jennifer Pary, Alternative Education Secretary

Technology Director Jill Gerhardt talks during a meeting.

“With Clintondale being a small district there is more opportunities for students with teacher and principal relationships, scholarships, and sports participation. All or most fees are covered with sports. Staff are very helpful and go the extra mile to help our students, who receive their own Chromebook and with virtual learning as an option, our families can get a hotspot if they need internet access.”

Jill Gerhardt, Director of Technology

Dominic Reid sits at his desk in the counseling office at Clintondale Middle School.

“A lot of great things are happening at Clintondale. You have teachers who care about the academic and life success of the students. We are bringing new courses to the curriculum and improving the GPA scale. Students are able to participate in numerous opportunities that will help prepare them for the future."

Dominic Reid, Counselor at Clintondale Middle School