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Transparency Reporting

Information is reported in compliance with the State School Aid Act, MCL 388.1618, and is presented in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Michigan Department of Education. Complete financial reports are also posted on our website

MI School Data

MI School Data

MI School Data is the State of Michigan's official source for pre-K, K-12, postsecondary and workforce data to help residents, educators and policymakers make informed decisions to improve student success.

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Transparency Reporting

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Macomb Area Conference Principals Association Leadership Scholarship

Macomb Area Conference Principals Association Leadership Scholarship

Congratulations to Kamaria Green for being selected as one of three winners for the Macomb Area Conference Principals Association Leadership Scholarship! Green is a senior at Clintondale High School and received a $1,000 scholarship. Green’s essay answered the question: How do you define leadership and how do those qualities apply to you, your leadership roles and your experiences while in high school? Click to read Green’s essay.

To me leadership is something that starts from within. It starts when you take the time to learn about yourself, grow yourself, and show yourself unconditional love. This is otherwise known as self-leadership. Self-leadership is when you put the time aside to influence, manage and direct your own thoughts and actions in order to successfully reach the goals in which you have set for yourself and build your desired lifestyle. Your thoughts create your actions, and your actions create your life.  As you grow, you slowly become more accepting of who you are, and more willing to give yourself effort and challenges.  Inadvertently, these traits that you gain while leading yourself spill over to how you interact with the people around you. Naturally, you carry the humility and confidence necessary to lead. It becomes easier to communicate, listen, have a clear vision, and think strategically.  

Self-leadership is not only something that I can relate to, but something that I have gone through, and will continue to embrace.

You see, I used to be that type of person who would spend way too much time focusing on what's wrong with me instead of what's right. My days would always end with a somber feeling because of how deeply rooted my insecurities were. I knew I needed to change this and so I tried. I tired my body with vigorous exercise, undereating, and overly intense discipline hoping to be a better person, a better leader.  I soon realized that what I was doing was far more harmful than healing. “But why?” I asked myself, “This is what everyone else is doing, and they are happy, their leaders so why isn't this working for me?” Well the answer was quite simple. I was trying to find answers from people who didn’t know me, my experiences, or what I was trying to do. I failed to realize that all the answers I once seeked were within myself. I just had to take the time to find them.

Since then, I have not only learned how to be a better leader to myself, but those around me as well. I started my own business, worked with non-profit organizations, and have also had the privilege to lead several projects pushing change in our communities while in high school. Simply because I decided to actively participate in self leadership. Although, it doesn't stop there. I plan to keep growing through self love and education so that I can continue to serve and inspire those around me.