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Transparency Reporting

Information is reported in compliance with the State School Aid Act, MCL 388.1618, and is presented in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Michigan Department of Education. Complete financial reports are also posted on our website

MI School Data

MI School Data

MI School Data is the State of Michigan's official source for pre-K, K-12, postsecondary and workforce data to help residents, educators and policymakers make informed decisions to improve student success.

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Transparency Reporting

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Senior Survey

A graduation cap and gown lay on a table inside the high school.


The senior exit survey is a survey of the experiences and plans of the graduating seniors from Clintondale High School.

Questions on the survey ask students about a wide variety of topics including their course-taking patterns, extracurricular involvement, and learning experiences at Clintondale High School as well as their feelings of self-efficacy related to their academic and social abilities. Students are also asked about their anticipated post-secondary plans. District staff use the survey results as a tool for the planning for and evaluation of school improvement efforts.

First Name
Last Name
Please provide a personal email address.
What area(s) do you plan to pursue immediately after high school? (Mark all that apply)required
If you plan on furthering your education, what field of study are you most likely to select in college/trade school? (Select all that apply)required
If you are NOT planning or able to further your education, what are the primary reasons? (Select all that apply)required
Including Clintondale High School, how many high schools have you attended?required
Which of the following best describes the type of program you followed at Clintondale High School?required
How many Advanced Placement courses did you take at Clintondale High School?required
What type of student are you?required
Did you take the ACT or SAT test?required
For each of the experiences described below, please select the choice that best reflects how often you had that experience at Clintondale High School. For each statement, select ONE choice.
Coursework that seemed worthwhile and relevant to my liferequired
Lessons that helped me to use tools, including computers, to access and process informationrequired
Teachers and administrators who communicated with my family regarding my education and career developmentrequired
Opportunities to display my learning through projects or presentationsrequired
Teachers who gave me feedback about how well I was doing and what I needed to do to succeedrequired
Teachers who had high expectations and demanded my best effortsrequired
Rate the quality of instruction you feel you received in the following academic areas at Clintondale High School.
English Language Artsrequired
Social Studiesrequired
Computers & Technologyrequired
Foreign Languagerequired
Performing/Fine Artsrequired
Career and Technical (CTE)required
How well has Clintondale High School helped you to actively develop knowledge and skills in the following areas?
Creative thinkingrequired
Problem solvingrequired
Conflict resolutionrequired
Personal health and fitnessrequired
Time managementrequired
Please indicate the number of years of high school in which you participated in each of the following extracurricular activities.
Academic Clubsrequired
Career and Technical Organizationsrequired
Student Councilrequired
How many hours per week did you typically spend studying, doing research, or completing homework assignments outside of class?required
Please indicate the average number of hours per week you have worked during your senior yearrequired
What is the one thing that has “kept you going” through school all the way to graduation?required
Rate your overall experience at Clintondale High School (five stars is the best)required