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Transparency Reporting

Information is reported in compliance with the State School Aid Act, MCL 388.1618, and is presented in accordance with guidelines prepared by the Michigan Department of Education. Complete financial reports are also posted on our website

MI School Data

MI School Data

MI School Data is the State of Michigan's official source for pre-K, K-12, postsecondary and workforce data to help residents, educators and policymakers make informed decisions to improve student success.

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Transparency Reporting

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SFE Food Service

Hamburger and tater tots on display in the cafeteria.

Clintondale Schools is proud to partner with Southwest Foodservice Excellence to fuel our K-12 students so they can reach their highest potential through delicious, fresh-from-scratch meals and unmatched menu variety. SFE is a culinary-based food service management company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and exclusively dedicated to K-12 nutrition so our Clintondale kids can be excited about eating at school!

The food service line inside the cafeteria showing an assortment of fruits and vegetables.

A Fresh Approach to Nourishing Students

SFE's goal is to support district-wide student achievement by encouraging healthy eating, which helps to create healthy minds and bodies. SFE participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs along with the Community Eligibility Program which gives them the opportunity to serve healthy breakfasts and hot nutritional lunches to every student in Clintondale Schools at no charge. On-site preparation ensures that meals are served in compliance with all federal, state and local health department regulations. All menus adhere to the guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Mornings can be really crazy! The alarm doesn’t go off, the kids don’t want to get up, there’s no time to eat breakfast before the bus comes or they’re just not ready to eat. If this sounds like your house, we have good news for you.

Clintondale Community Schools realizes the importance of students eating breakfast. Studies show that eating breakfast improves test scores, helps students pay attention in class and improves memory.

Everyday, breakfast is available to all students at NO CHARGE. The district provides Breakfast in the Classroom at all three elementary schools and in the cafeteria at the high school and middle school. Breakfast is offered to all students and they will have the option to eat a breakfast that meets USDA guidelines. We hope your child will take advantage of the great opportunity to eat breakfast every morning that gives them the boost they need for a day of learning.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email Food Service Manager Courtney Kerr or call 586-791-6300, ext. 1006.


Meet Our Team

Courtney Kerr

Courtney Kerr
Director of Food Services

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement